Clarksville Department of Electricity (Electric Utility)

Case Study


Type of Project:Public Municipal Electric Provider Size of Project: 60,000 HHP, 900 Fiber Plant Miles, $25M Architecture: P2P Active E Design: Home Run to CO Date Completion: May 2009

The Clarksville Department of Electricity (CDE) project is a Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) deployment delivering triple-play services to Clarksville’s 57,000 residences and businesses. In addition to triple-play services, CDE deployed smart meters to allow remote disconnect without truck rolls. The CDE project is one of the largest municipal networks in the country in terms of homes passed and geographical area.


The Clarksville area was experiencing massive growth, and CDE’s representatives expressed frustration and concern over its existing services. Because of this, AEG worked extensively with CDE to provide adequate bandwidth for the rapidly growing community. In an effort to avoid a competitive response from the local provider and to maintain public support, CDE believed connecting its first customer quickly was critical. AEG implemented a design and construction strategy that facilitated an extremely efficient installation. Just four months later, service was activated for the first customers.