Education Initiative


Since 1996, public schools and libraries have relied on the E-Rate program to provide telecommunications systems to millions of American students. Studies have shown improvements in test scores, graduation rates, and college admission rates as a result of improved telecommunications systems in the classroom. 2013 saw another milestone in the effort to provide our students with modern information systems—the ConnectED initiative is an attempt to provide 99 percent of America’s K-12 students with high-speed internet access through more efficient use of the current E-Rate program.

“We are living in a digital age, and to help our students get ahead, we must make sure they have access to cutting-edge technology,” said President Obama. “So today, I’m issuing a new challenge for America—one that families, businesses, school districts and the federal government can rally around together—to connect virtually every student in America’s classrooms to high-speed broadband internet within five years, and equip them with the tools to make the most of it.”

As a leader in fiber optics technology, AEG is at the forefront of the push to provide modern telecommunications systems to our nation’s students. AEG has been designing and building fiber optics networks for municipalities, government agencies, cooperatives, electrical utilities, and facilities-based competitive local exchange carriers for nearly twenty years. Experience and innovation are what set AEG apart from our competitors, but the most tangible benefit of an AEG installation is our start-to-finish construction capability. AEG takes a project from the initial planning stages through to its completion, and we’re there every step of the way to make sure everything goes smoothly.

It’s estimated that fewer than half of the school districts eligible for E-Rate funding currently have the level of broadband connectivity necessary to meet the standards defined by the ConnectEd initiative. Atlantic Engineering Group is dedicated to providing wide-area fiber optics networks to help keep our students competitive in the information age.