Grant County PUD (Electric Utility)

Case Study


Public Municipal Electric Provider Size of Project: 15,000 HHP, 300 fiber plant miles, $25M Architecture: Cisco P2P Design: Home Run to CO Date Completion: Ongoing (project continues to expand)

The Grant County Public Utility District continues to deploy its Fiber-to-the-Home project throughout Grant County Washington. Grant County PUD was one of the early FTTH projects to be deployed and is currently in the second phase of connecting its residents and businesses. The Grant County PUD project is an open access, point-to-point network with multiple service providers.

Negotiating rocky and difficult terrain, Atlantic began work on the Grant County project in March of 2009 and was chosen as its design and build partner. The system consists of five small cities located in rural Washington State. The first phase of the project was completed in October of 2010, the second phase was completed at the beginning of 2013, and the third phase is well underway. Grant County PUD is a very hands-on client, and in an effort to better support the project, AEG has dedicated on-site field and engineering teams to ensure construction and design issues are addressed as quickly as possible.