iProvo (Provo City Power Agency)

Case Study


Type of Project:Municipal Utility Size of Project: 32,000 HHP, 320 Fiber Plant Miles, $15M Architecture: Active Point-to-Point Design: FTTH Distributed PON Date Completion: 2005, Overbuild 2013


AEG worked with Utah Municipal Power Agency to provide a turnkey solution for the iProvo FTTH project. Mobilized in early 2004, AEG successfully designed, engineered, and built this 320-mile network. It passes 32,000 homes and businesses with a near 50/50 split between aerial and underground construction.

In this case, AEG chose to employ a combination of traditional and highly innovative construction methods, running underground materials in a single-phase electrical primary feed. All-dielectric fiber was placed in a Maxcell fabric expansion sleeve in the same 3” or 4” conduit as electric primary cable. Vaults were then placed next to electric padmount transformers for termination points for NAP’s and other splice points. AEG used a ‘wye-branch’ innovation, to successfully bypass the transformers. While certified electric underground personnel were required for the pulling of the Maxcell and fiber, the wye-branch bypass allows non-certified personnel to access and operate the fiber network post construction.


AEG finished the project on time and within budget in less than 18 months. Additionally, AEG was contracted to overbuild existing plant as part of the Google Fiber’s acquisition of the iProvo network in 2013.