As a leading design and build business, AEG offers customers "turn-key" solutions or the opportunity to design services and solutions separately.


A Careful Mixture of Art, Science, & Innovation.

AEG plans and designs with an eye to innovation and advocacy on behalf of our client.  We collaborate with our clients along the way to ensure we are exceeding expectations. And we draw on our depth of experience to deliver the highest value solutions.


Designing and building a state of the art broadband network is a complex undertaking.  At AEG, we value and pride ourselves in our ability to consume and dissect all forms of information and create highly accurate models for estimation and scheduling.

Over the years, AEG has incorporated best in industry design techniques from a rigid feedback process from its operations unit  AEG believes an efficient design is fundamental to the rollout of a complex network.


Data capture is one of the most important aspects of the engineering process.  Everyone knows the quote about only being as good as the input and we stand by that.  AEG uses several innovative technologies while in the field to assist in streamlining the full engineering process.

Field Engineering


Right of Way access is one of the biggest reasons a project gets off track.  AEG works step in step with construction crews to ensure work can go on as planned.

Project & Construction Management/Inspection Services

Engineering is not only a function of "getting design to construction" but also ensuring it gets built to specification.  AEG specializes in Project Management and has developed systems to track and report progress, alongside QA/QC tools that monitor field quality. 

GIS Mapping

From basemap creation to final construction documentation, GIS is the glue to the operation.  AEG ties all aspects of planning, design, field engineering and permitting into its own proprietary software.


Material Sourcing and Management.

We've formed close relationships with many of the primary material vendors in the telecom industry in the U.S. and throughout the world.  We can help with all things materials for your project, from specifications to inventory management to procurement.  We are "vendor-agnostic" - we don't believe that one product fits all projects. This gives us the flexibility to effectively fulfill your project's needs while keeping costs at a minimum. 

Having a broad vendor base enables us to help our clients access the customizations they need at the right prices.

Material Purchasing

Not only can we access materials, but we can also offer material inventory storage and management solutions.  This ensures we have what is needed when it is needed in order to complete our project on time.

Materials Management


Services from Start to Finish.

AEG works comfortably and confidently in rural, suburban and urban environments. We've handled projects with very few customers per mile to thousands of units within a mile. We are also experienced in various terrains. We've had projects in mountainous terrain and have even laid cable in the Caribbean Sea.

Construction Project Management

 AEG has completed more than a few projects and our leadership team (including engineering and construction project managers) have the experience to lead your project to completion on time and on budget.

Preparation and communication enable a smooth process. Make ready construction ensures the design and construction teams are all on the same page and seamlessly communicating.

Make Ready Construction

AEG recognizes your project affects your community. We that that impact seriously and aim to minimize intrusions while maintaining communication and safety.

Traffic Control


AEG has experience with ADSS and Strand and Lash methodologies. We can help you decide on the best option for your project.


From plowing to directional drilling to microtrenching AEG has done it all. We are equipped to handle whatever terrain your project presents.


Quality, Accessability, Safety and Affordability are the goals we aim for with huts and vaults.


While this is one of the final steps of a build we recognize it is the beginning of a service relationship and we aim to make great first impressions.

QC Inspections

Quality makes AEG the best value solution. We know what a job well-done looks like and we're committed to delivering the highest quality work to our customers every time.


Splicing & Testing

AEG's technical services team live and breathe excellence. They know that patience, accuracy, finesse are attributes that lead to success.

Splicing is an integral step in the execution of a network. Speed depends on it and speed is the name of the game.


Ensures the highest degree of precision and accuracy has been accomplished...and we like high marks.



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