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Learn about AEG's process & what it means for you.


What Does Fiber Optic Mean for You?

AEG’s been working with Fiber Optics for 20+ years. But not everyone is familiar with Fiber Optic Networks. Below is a bird's eye view of the process, of what it is we do, and why.

Step 1: Consideration

Considering broadband services for your area? This stage can occur without the community knowing much about it. These early stages are often investigations into the political willingness, ability, and financial nature of pursuing broadband for your community. Some clients pursue “feasibility studies” to help inform this process. Why bother? Well, access to fiber and broadband can increase property values, draw business/industry, aid children in education, and foster world-wide connectedness and progress.

Step 2: Funding

Every project is different…in size, scope, infrastructure, and technology available already. And so, funding can look very different. Some customers self-fund entirely, some partner with others, some seek grant funding or other investors. It’s also important to consider the business side of such a project. If a customer brings fiber to their community will it be sustainable as a business? These are not one size fits all questions or answers.

Step 3: Design

When AEG is engaged our design and engineering team are the first folks you’ll see. We’re gathering data, surveying, mapping, planning and eventually designing a fiber network that will best serve your community’s unique needs.

Step 4: Construction

Depending on your community needs and the plan laid out, AEG may be building in one location at a time or we may be dispersed to several sites. Construction of fiber optic networks can look very different in different areas. In some areas, we may be in bucket trucks working on telephone poles (aerial construction). While in other areas we may be diverting foot or road traffic around ground-level work (underground construction). Either way, if your property will be affected by the project, you’ll receive a notification informing you of upcoming work, the anticipated date/time, and the nature of the work along with a contact if you have any questions or concerns.

Step 5: Integration

This is the fun part! When Fiber-To-The-Home cable is coming to your property, your service provider should notify you when the new service is ready for use. They are just as excited to get you set up as you will be to get fast, reliable, broadband service.


Helpful FTTH Information.

AEG does not exist in a vacuum…we too have some great advocates, resources, and partners. There are dozens of reputable sources of great information about FTTH. Find a few of our favorites below.

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